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Q/ In which country is the Baby Mall store located? A/ In the State of Kuwait, and we have international shipping to all Gulf countries Q/ Do you have a shop in Kuwait? A/ The Baby Mall Store website does not currently have a store. We only display our goods and sell through the website Q/ How many days does delivery take inside Kuwait and how much does it cost? A/ We have two types of delivery Regular delivery: within 48 hours, with a value of (1.5) dinars, and it will be free if the value of purchases exceeds the amount of (30) dinars Express delivery: within 24 hours for a value of (3) dinars, whatever the value of the purchasesQ/ How long does it take to ship to the rest of the Gulf countries and what is the shipping cost? A/ We strive to deliver purchases to brothers in the Gulf countries as quickly as possible by cooperating with the best shipping service providers in the world such as (DHL) and (ARAMEX) by choosing the customer, usually shipping takes 7 days, and sometimes shipments arrive before this time

Shipping cost (10) KD or equivalent SR 125 12.8 RO QR 120 122 AED BD 12.5 33$ Q/ How do I know the price in my local currency, such as Saudi or Qatari riyals....etc? A/ There is an option at the top of the page on our website next to the language field. You can choose from the list your local currency to show you all the models on the site in the chosen currency Q/ Can I return after purchase in case the size does not match? A/ We strive in light of the Corona pandemic to reduce the possibility of size mismatch by placing all sizes accurately in order to reduce the chances of switching under these health conditions

You can contact us via WhatsApp (0096569077080) to help you choose the most appropriate size in case you do not know the most suitable size